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Lenny Dykstra Needs Your Help!

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Not sure how we missed this but Nails is in trouble, BIG TIME. Many of you will recall that last June, LD put his Thousand Oaks, California house on the market, hoping to see a 33 percent return after having purchased it ten months earlier for $18.5 million. Now we find out that exactly no one went for the $24,950,000 asking price, despite Dykstra's genius idea to throw in some extras to clinch the deal, the coup de grace of the package being LD's "Discarded Dips Of Distinction," a collection of chewing tobacco from the great moments in his illustrious career, tastefully encased in a white gold-flecked display case. And the hits don't stop there. Private equity firm Index Investors, which granted Dykstra a $850,000 bridge loan in November, secured by the 8-bedroom manse, filed foreclosure papers on Dykstra's pad last month, as has Washington Mutual, on account of Nails defaulting on his $12 million mortgage. Also, his Gulfstream II was impounded on February 12. Basically, the guy needs cash ASAP. How fortuitous then, that Dykstra's best bud, Jim Cramer, who's publicly described LD as the one of the greatest in the biz, will be ringing in the 1000th episode of his television show tonight. As the thing will probably prove highly watched, should JC turn it into a Save Nails telethon? We say yes.