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"Let me tell you about the very rich...

...they are different from you and me."
The personage of Sir Fred Goodwin- who resigned as head of Royal Bank of Scotland about a month before that institution reported the largest yearly loss in United Kingdom history (£24.1 billion) and whose house in Edinburgh was vandalized by anti-capitalist terrorists- commands a yearly pension of some £703,000, a sum which, jumping on the executive pay bandwagon, Lord Myners has been pressuring the Royal Bank of Scotland to trim.
It turns out that the position of Grand Master at RBS had some other perks as well, such as getting your name on the five pound note. This, it seems, may have the tendency to drive men mad. Lord Myners, in classic Angloharangue, sums up the results for us:

I have been advised that in the Royal Bank of Scotland's headquarters in Gogarburn, Sir Fred Goodwin employed somebody whose sole job was to ensure that bank notes dispensed from automatic telling machines in that headquarters building bore his signature and his signature alone.

Goodwin insists cash machines hold 'his' notes [The Times Online]