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Live-Blogging Bank Of America's Annual Shareholder Meeting

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Sadly we didn't make the trip down to Charlotte but this guy is providing live updates, and of course anyone present (Lewis) is free to keep us abreast of the situation (same goes for those of you at the Morgan Stanley party). So far former BAC CEO Hugh McColl has offered that if asked to become chairman, in the event someone lost the job, he'd decline, and Evelyn Davis has proclaimed her support for Ken Lewis. Will there be any awkward flirtation between Davis and Lew like there was at last week's Citi meeting with Dick Parsons? We'll just have to wait and see (though it's unlikely, as Lewis strikes us as lacking the same charm as Mr. P).
Update: Five minutes into his prepared remarks, Ken Lewis admits Merrill was a mistake. No, just fucking with ya. He defends both of his bright shining stars, Merrill Lynch and Countrywide.