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Looking Out For The Big Guy Who Looks Out For The Little Guy

You will be happy to know that some people are out there right now, tirelessly fighting for your rights. That is, the rights of the little guy. That is, the rights of the mutual fund investor. I mean, the rights of mutual fund managers. You get the idea.

The funds argue the leverage provided through TALF carries no risk to the borrower because it's done through what are known as non-recourse loans, which they assert should not be considered a form of leverage.
If they get their way, it would enable mutual funds -- and thus individual investors -- to have a bigger role in buying up assets, which could help kick-start a program that thus far has been slow to catch on.

Why, after all, shouldn't mutual funds be able to participate in wholesale manipulation and bailout sleight of hand with the same ease and slime greased grace as other massive institutions? Sure, sure, the leverage issue. But it's not REAL leverage, is it? I mean, it's not like there's actually any real risk to the borrower? What do you mean "shut the hell up?" No one is listening. Look, I just mean that there are a ton of fees to earn... that is... opportunities for individual investors to benefit.
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