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Meredith Whitney Wants You To Leave Ken Lewis Alone!

So the guy bought a bucket of shit, so what. Are we really going to hold that against him? I say no. Everyone's allowed one minor little slip-up. One, everyone gets one, and this is his. To that end, I'd like you all to note that the same rule applies to my friend Vikram at Citi, although I do hold him to slightly more rigorous terms, and that I'll be including this morning's failure to wash his hands after taking 30 in the corporate WC in my next report as reason no. 398,153 to can this guy's ass.

Bank of America Corp., recipient of $163 billion in U.S. rescue funds and loan guarantees, should retain Chief Executive Officer Ken Lewis even after his "mistake" in acquiring Merrill Lynch & Co., analyst Meredith Whitney said.
Lewis "has done a great job" except for the Merrill Lynch deal, said Whitney, speaking to reporters today before appearing at a panel discussion in Toronto sponsored by Sprott Asset Management Inc. She called the Merrill Lynch purchase Lewis's "one major mistake acquisition."

Bank of America Should Keep Lewis After 'Mistake,' Whitney Says [Bloomberg]