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No Flu For You

Somewhere in the financial journalism rulebook there is a clause that forbids a disaster story to be written unless canned goods in the form of Campbell Soup Co. (CPB) and Gold are both spiking to back-up the "panic theory." But despite the devastation of Swine Flu (you couldn't come up with a more nefarious sounding plague except, perhaps, if you resorted to "The Black Death," or somesuch- I mean seriously, who is going to be scared by "bird flu" or "avian flu." Who cares if Big Bird is running a fever anyhow?) and now a 6.0 magnitude earthquake 19 miles south-southeast of Tixtla, Guerrero (strong enough to shake the capital) and the tragedy of vicious gang warfare along the border, Gold and Campbell Soup Co. aren't doing anything at all exciting. Even Olin (OLN), fine purveyor of quality ammunition, is languishing today. It's like "it's different this time" or something.
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