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No One Wants To Be Associated With Tim Geithner

Even his old mentors, who previously thought of the li'l fella like a son. Gary Weiss has a profile of the Treasury Secretary over at Portfolio and while there are several excellent descriptions of the varying expressions on Geithner's face ranging from shady ("the eyes of a shoplifter") to shitty, as in I just shit my pants out of fear ("Think Bambi looking into the headlights of an 18-wheeler"), and quotes from a few people who think Geithner is not the man for the job, nobody from the old neighborhood will go to bat for the guy!

[When I profiled him last year], some of the nation's most prominent figures in government and finance--former Federal Reserve chairmen Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan, as well as John Thain, then CEO of Merrill Lynch, and former New York Fed chief Gerald Corrigan--were only too happy to share fond anecdotes about this youthful public official on the rise.
When I approached them again for this article, to get a word in defense of their beleaguered friend, the reaction was far different. Greenspan was "working against a series of his own deadlines and sends his regrets," a spokesperson told me. Volcker was "not granting interviews." Corrigan also declined to comment on Geithner. "It's just a little bit early in his tenure," said a spokesperson.