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Obama On Chrysler Recovery Restructuring 30 60 Day Bankruptcy (Live)

12:08 pm:
Obama in 'da house.
12:13 pm:
I can announce that I saved Chrysler, nothing is fucked, I am safeguarding taxpayer dollars, Fiat is going to save the day (oh and Canada too).
12:13 pm:
Bob Nardelli is a cool guy. No. Seriously. (But he's fired).
The UAW cut down to the bone, and then found more muscle to cut. It was amazing.
You, America, will also be sacrificing.

12:15 pm:

Some stakeholders did NOT cooperate.
Damn hedgefunds held out waiting for a unjustified taxpayer bailout.
Some demanded twice the return of other stakeholders.
I don't stand with them I stand with Chrysler's (everything).
12:16 pm:

Bankruptcy is not a sign of weakness.
This process will be quick.
12:18 pm:

Oh, I almost forgot.
Hedge Funds suck.
It is unacceptable for a small group of speculators to endanger my success.
As such an effective and diligent steward of your taxpayer dollars I was not prepared to provide unlimited bailout funds or to reward greed.
This is going to be our finest hour30 60 days. Seriously. 'kaythanksbye.