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Please Pity Jeffrey Peek's Wife

Yesterday we heard from the "Ex-Mrs. Hedgefunds," a group of women who haven't been left by their hedge fund husbands but rather their hedge fund husband's money, forcing them to cut back (to an extent, though not really at all), due to unprecedented market volatility. Today's sob story is about a seemingly anonymous "Bailout CEO Wife."
Reading about the ways this woman has had to demean herself on account of her husband's firm taking TARP money is almost too much to bear. First off, a new spring wardrobe is out of the question. Second there's the matter of not looking like she and the husb are lavishly spending after taking taxpayer dollars, meaning they're forced to show up to black tie events late so as to avoid photographers, and you know how much not having your picture taking has got to hurt. To that end, dining at lavish restaurants every night of the week is out and-- and prepare yourselves for this one 'cause it's really bad-- TARP Wife has actually had to start cooking. And, sickeningly, the couple now flies commercial, among the untouchables, i.e. poors, i.e. general public. Above all, TARP Wife's most important new role is not fucking shit up for her husband worse than he's already got it, and that means avoiding bad press by keeping hers and their collective head down.

I'm trying to buck him up and not complicate his life. The last thing he needs is unpleasant publicity, so I'm learning to fly so far below the radar that I have perpetually skinned knees.

Which would all be well and good if the wife hadn't dropped enough hints as to who exactly she and by extension HE is and where he works. Jessica Pressler over at Daily Intel did the math and is pretty sure Mrs. TARP is Liz Peck, wife of Jeffrey Peek, Chairman and CEO of CIT.