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Prince Alwaleed Needs Your Help

First, he gets displaced by the US gov as Citi's single largest shareholder, and the preferential treatment that comes with it, like A to M, in the event it was requested. Now, he's currently clocking in at dead last in Time's (mostly irrelevant) ranking of 2008's most influential people. That means he's less influential than Britney Spears (16), Jim Cramer (55), Bernie Madoff (56), Meredith Whitney (162), Ken Lewis (177), and-- and this one really hurts-- Charlie Gasparino (196). Honestly, what's a Saudi Prince gotta do to get some respect around here? Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. He's never asked anything of you before and probably won't ever again but today, do the guy a solid and rock the vote.