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Say It To His (Jolly, Elfin') Face

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Does anyone out there have anything they'd like to say to Vikram Pandit's face but have found it difficult to get past security at 399 Park? Perhaps you're a shareholder, upset about the stock price, or the Treasury Secretary, just feeling the need to remind the Citi CEO that you could've had his job and, and this is not a threat just a fact, could still have his job? You're in luck. Geoffrey Raymond, the greatest artist of our time, will be in front of the building today with his latest, The Annotated Citi. In the event you can't make it, let us know here what you'd say to VP, given the opportunity to get up in his grill, and Raymond will add it to the canvas. Interested in having Pandito all to yourself? Bidding starts at 30K.