SEC To Make Up For Completely F*cking Up By Joining Twitter


So, I don't mean to sound old or not down with technology, but the SEC is going to prove its not completely worthless by joining Twitter? No thank you, Mary Schapiro. Apparently the decision to "get online" is an effort to remake the agency's "image" and be "where investors most need it," which, according to Schapiro, is at SEC Investor Ed, SEC News and SEC Jobs. Bitches, please. How about first you figure out how to read reports entitled "So and So Is A Massive Ponzi Scheme" before offering up links to press releases and sharing that Mar-Schap is "out for drinks with Ruthie!" Having Power Lunch on Twitter is one thing-- an annoying thing, since we have to hear about it 389 times per episode, but harmless. This actually worries us. Obviously these people have proven to bring a steep learning curve to the table. Having been duped more than one (million) time(s) before, they're probably going to be over eager to respond to any and all messages that come their way. How long before they're getting diversionary, throw-them-off-the-trail Tweets from, I don't know, this guy like, "Massive Ponzi scheme @72 Cummings Point Road, better get out here and stop us" and buying it hook line and sinker, all the while missing the real scam going down in Chi-town? I say soon, if it hasn't happened already.