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Signal To Noise Ratio

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Have we really reached the point of unadulterated fantasy such that anyone still thinks GM is going to avoid not just bankruptcy but an ugly and protracted bankruptcy? Seriously, how much longer is the investing public going to tolerate C-Level executives who are either so out-to-lunch that they believe their own prattle, or so spun that nothing that escapes their lips has a signal-to-noise ratio that exceeds that of the Pioneer 10 spacecraft?

General Motors Corp Chief Executive Fritz Henderson said on Friday the automaker was readying detailed plans for a bankruptcy filing that now appears more likely even as it races to complete a business plan under federal oversight.
Henderson said GM faced no pressure from the Obama administration's autos task force to make a decision on whether to file for bankruptcy before an established June 1 deadline and said it was "feasible" that the automaker could still avoid bankruptcy despite the short time frame remaining.

GM readies plans for bankruptcy it hopes to avoid [Reuters]