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Sir Stanford: "You're F'ing Right I'm Gonna Fight"

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ABC News offered a sneak peak of its interview with accused Ponzier Allen Stanford in print form yesterday, and while they mostly gave it all away, watching the whole thing go down in live action is very much worth it. First off, we assumed this was going to be a studio sit-down with reporter Brian Ross, but in actuality it was an impromptu tear-fest outside a Houston restaurant that the network had staked out, with a sauced-up Stan talking off the cuff, against the wishes of his attorney. So that's points right off the bat. Then there's the cocktail lounge music playing in the background. That's plus 20. And, obviously, the choking back of (fake?) tears over being deprived of being named Forbes' 405th richest bitch in the world. Which, if you think about it, really is something worth crying over (though you don't see a certain Stamfordian getting wet in public over not making Alpha's top ten earners of the year, now do you?)