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Slave Driving At JPM

We maintain that working in the reflected glow of Jamie Dimon, no matter how late at night, is a privilege, but others (e.g. actual employees) don't necessarily see it that way.

Remaining non-exempt employees are being forced to go exempt. This means no overtime for anyone (not even for back- and middle-office peons). They are averaging the overtime that employees did over the last year, and that will be their new base rate. However, it looks like they will be cutting and consolidating more positions, so everyone will be working longer hours, for the same (or less) pay.
The things they can get away with in this labor market are pretty ridiculous.


Take That Lloyd: JPM Traders also Had a Perfect Quarter

Goldman Sachs traders aren’t the only ones on Wall Street to make money on every single trading day last quarter. JPMorgan had average daily trading revenue of $118 million for the quarter and never ended a day with a net loss, according to a filing on Monday.


After Growing Bored Of Making Jamie Dimon Puke Rainbows, JPM Analyst Admits Snap Stock Is Garbage

JPM cuts price target on Snap by $2...because human beings are afraid to confront the inevitability of death.