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Spitzer For Attorney General In 2010?

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Maybe! According to sources talking to the Post, at least, which may very well be Silda in an attempt to send a hint that it's time to get off his ass. Obviously, we're all for it, if it'll mean more interviews like this. What about that whole banging of a working girl thing, you ask? Ness sees your "What about the prostie?" and raises you an "Oh that? Soooo not a big deal." Supposedly the noted hooker fucker has been telling friends, "My record as governor was disappointing, but the voters will remember my excellent two terms as attorney general." Still, the naysayers will not quit it with their bitching. "The whole idea of returning to Albany is preposterous," some anonymous hater told Page Six. "You can't go home again. He's a pariah. It wasn't just the prostitutes -- there was also Troopergate."
Since the whole thing would be worth it just for the attack ads, clearly there are going to be a lot of people, ourselves included, pushing for this run. In the event it does go down, give it to us straight:

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