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Steve Cohen's Women

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Most of you are intimately familiar with Steve Cohen's status as a ladies man, but few have seen the harem up close and personal. Until now. As you're aware, the big guy has offered his women up on a silver platter for your consumption at Sotheby's starting tomorrow.

We checked out the spread this morning and while we were disappointed that Mr. Steve was not on the tenth floor to curate personally, Sotheby's did supply its worldwide head of contemporary art, Tobias Meyer, for the occasion (it was Meyer's suggestion over dinner at Cohen's Crown Lane pad six weeks ago that got the ball rolling on the show). We're pleased to report that while doing a bang up job riffin' on pics, Meyer steadfastly refused to divulge any classified information such as where the portraits are displayed at Cohen's home, the insured value of the collection, or even the menu at that fateful meal,* which will undoubtedly please the sometimes secretive SC (and what we have it on good authority was a SAC issued mole packing heat in the back of the room dispatched to oversee things).

The exhibit opens tomorrow and runs 'til April 14 and we recommend it highly. But just in case you can't make it to 72nd and York, here's a tour of the $450 million extravaganza.

2 and 20: Freud, Matisse, Modigliani, Picasso.

See this guy? He stood directly in front of a naked, 10 year-old Brooke Shields THE ENTIRE TIME. No other piece was assigned a buddy.

Not this Picasso or anything.

Dealbreaker reader contest: guess how much money is hanging on these two walls.

This Richard Prince is my favorite. (And I have a birthday coming up in five months. Just sayin, Steve.)

This would work also.

As David Norman, executive vice president and co-chairman of impressionist and modern art worldwide, told us, "Steve Cohen is so instinctive about art. He does it from the gut."

*He claims he couldn't remember. Like we're buying that.