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"Take this capital raise and shove it."

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A CNBC commentator asks a question we're probably not supposed to be asking (silly goose, you're just supposed to roll over and take this stuff). Since he's likely been hauled off in a body bag in the last ten minutes, we'll repeat it now-- "What if the banks refuse to raise more capital?" Bank of America is apparently submitting its rebuttal today, and in the event they get the same answer, we don't see Lewis having the pair to say "thanks, but we're good." However do not underestimate the liquid courage one can grow after mainlining five bottles of Boone's on the drive to Tim Geithner's office, and so we ask, what if? This is a serious question that certain high-up bank officials really, really want an answer to. Is worst case scenario, like, they take the CEO's out office, or the more disturbing and to be avoided enforced bird-watching time with Hank Paulson?