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The Impetus For Today's Meredith Whitney Take Down

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D. Weidner was just kicking things off with a bang! Makin' a name for himself at the new shop! No hard feelings!

MarketWatch columnist David Weidner is bringing his Wall Street-focused "Writing on the Wall" column to The Wall Street Journal Online at on a weekly basis. Mr. Weidner will pen a column every Thursday for, beginning today with a look at the mythologizing of analyst Meredith Whitney.

He's not leaving the mother ship but I guess technically this is something of a promotion? Anyway, get excited for next week's column, "An In Depth Look At the Bulge That Is The Mayo Jar." And, one day, a first person account of what it's actually like to "douse" Mer Whit "with...champagne." (Pics or it didn't happen.)
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