These Are The Days Of Our (Deluded) Lives


Despite, among other things:
- Putting Morgan Stanley on his resume (he was a "senior vice president and senior high-tech merger adviser") and then not taking the extra precaution to blackmail John Mack into corroborating the story.
- Stealing $3 million from an escrow account while working at a venture capital firm called Sky Capital Partners in the mid-90s, and, when confronted by his boss, shrugging and telling him, he "just needed the money."
- Being on the phone all day making bets with bookies
- Allowing "tough-looking men" to drop by the office during business hours "all the time"
- Entertaining prosties on the company dime
- Taking $15 million in investor funds and buying himself a Gulfstream IV
- Flying a bunch of girls from work to Vegas, and on the return flight, not sufficiently drugging up onlookers so that they wouldn't be able to give an eye-witness account that he: "had a briefcase stuffed with cash and...started throwing money to the girls, stacks of $10,000. I thought it wasn't right to treat the girls from the office that way, like we were pimps and gamblers." And taking pics!
- Directing employees to "create a phony documents" and then not taking the necessary steps to make sure they don't talk.
- In a moment of weakness, feeling the need to get something off his chest, inviting a partner into his office and going, "Nasar, I want you to know we are in a Ponzi scheme."

David Schindler, an attorney for Mr. Pang, said his client expects to be fully vindicated.