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We Miss The Mini-Ballers Already

Of course, there is one thing we are really going to miss in the wake of the present downturn: self-absorbed, snotty twenty-something Brits. They used to be good for 1.5 posts a day at Dealbreaker, either related directly to their antics, or with causal links having no more than three or four links in the chain. We really do mourn their passage.

More than half of the 2,000 16 to 25-year-olds polled by The Prince's Trust said they were worried that they would have to accept a job that they did not want.
Some 70pc also believed that having actual work experience under their belts would be of more benefit than their academic qualifications when it came to finding a job.
The findings of the survey reflect growing concerns that young people leaving university and school this summer and looking for work will struggle as employers cut back graduate recruitment and apprenticeship schemes.

Frankly, this just goes for arrogant 20somethings in general. Perhaps it is not too late. Perhaps some form of fund can be created. The United Smartass Adolescent College Fund? Because an attitude is a terrible thing to waste? We'll keep massaging the idea and see if we come up with something viable.
Deflated youngsters forced to curb their career ambitions [The Telegraph]



Why Ross Douthat Thinks We Miss WASPs

From one assimilated WASP to another, that was a bad take bro.