Wells Fargo: Keep Your Eyes, Hands (And Any Other Appendages That Might Be Used To Operate A Blackberry) Where We Can See Them

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Wells Fargo is apparently implementing some new cost cutting and productivity strategies today. The former is going down in the form of layoffs at Evergreen Securities in Charlotte. The latter is much more inspired. From the front lines:

Among the new rules, and what I view as the most important, is that you aren't allowed to look down at your Blackberry during a meeting. If you do look down, you have to write a check for $100 to the charity of the meeting manager's choice. You are allowed a 5 minute productivity break where you are either allowed to check your Blackberry, or go to the bathroom. One break per meeting. It is yet to be determined whether or not you are allowed to check your Blackberry while going to the bathroom, so long as it fits in the allotted time...we'll let you know when HR gives us their report with our afternoon nap.

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