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When An (Alleged) Kickback Is Obviously An (Alleged) Kickback

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What would a movie produced by New York's Deputy Comptroller and his siblings look like? This trailer from the wry folks over at Cityfile should give you a hint. Think the shockingly bad Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay but with a lower budget and sung in an accent from Queens. No, we aren't kidding. In other words, so eye wateringly bad, so indescribably abysmal that one could not possibly imagine $88,000 changing hands for its distribution rights but for the fact that this same $88,000 from an affiliate of Quadrangle was a kickback for something else.
What does this mean for Riverstone Holdings that supposedly invested $100,000 in the same film? We suppose it would imply not only that the deal was crooked, but that Riverstone's kickback DCF valuation team scooped up their MBAs from the University of Phoenix.
We are thinking that as soon as the prosecutor wheels in the DVD Player the scratching of pens drafting plea allocutions will be loudly heard.
Rattner Involved In Inquity On Fees [The Wall Street Journal]