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Who Are The Most Beautiful People On Wall Street?

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Having discussed his looks at length on several occasions, we've been aware of the fact that a decent amount of the Dealbreaker audience regards Tim Geithner as a hot piece of man meat for quite some time. And it turns out you're in good company. The Treasury Secretary, seen here bending over for the camera, has been named one of the world's 100 most beautiful, according to People. Which, at a time when he could use all the ego stroking he can get, has got to feel pretty nice. And you know who else could use some stroking right about now? Every single financial services hack, even the ones doing pretty okay for themselves. Which brings us to this-- who are the thirty most beautiful people up in this wasteland of an industry? (For continuity sake we were going to go with a 100 know.) Nominate your picks now, and we'll announce the coveted few next week. The known porn starsamong us are a given, but who else? Thain? Ackman? Mark Haines? Feel free, nay encouraged, to make selections based on both inner beauty and raw sex appeal (I know I don't even have to say who I mean. Like a cat in heat this Stamfordian makes us).