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Why Does Steve Cohen Hate Pressed Sandwiches?

So. Yesterday, after checking out Steve Cohen's bitches (on display starting today at Sotheby's), we popped into the exhibit-adjacent cafe for an iced coffee. There were a bunch of signs noting that "due to the show on the tenth floor, there will be no use of the Panini grill for the next two weeks." We didn't think much of it until this morning, after receiving a little more color on the subject, courtesy of a grilled cheese-seeker. After being denied her snack of choice, she was told, "I'm sorry, Mr. Cohen does not want the sandwich press used on the same floor as his paintings."
We're failing to wrap our minds around the reasoning behind this. We can understand not wanting any food or drink near his $450 million worth of pictures, but all other items are still available (coffee, soda, soup-- prepared on-site not packaged, desserts, salads, yogurt, etc). Why are delicious pressed sandwiches getting a bad rap in the big guy's book? Does this date back to some sort of bad experience involving *someone* getting crumbs on the de Kooning? Whoever has relevant information should get in touch a-sap (or we could just cut the crap and you could tell me yourself, Mr. Zamboni. I don't bite).