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Your Coping Mechanisms: Drinking, Urinating In Public (Marijuana Not So Much)

Prosties are probably helping get you through these tough times, too, but we don't have any data on that (yet). According to the NYPD, via the Post:

The number of summonses for drinking in public jumped by more than 4,000 from July 1 through Dec. 31 last year compared with the same period in 2007 -- from 66,885 cases to 70,948 -- and the incidents of public urination rose from 3,888 to 4,161, records show.
Cases of disorderly conduct over the year dropped from 47,730 to 43,018, trespassing from 8,437 to 7,858, marijuana possession from 4,775 to 4,107 and littering from 3,216 to 2,901.

What other degenerate activities not tracked by the 5-0 are you taking in part in now that everything's gone to shit? Share your story now.


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