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A Weed By Any Other Name...

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This is a good one. Many of you have expressed displeasure at CNBC's relentless need to come up with signs of "green shoots," driving some to the point of visions of violence. Mark Haines is apparently in that camp, telling gal-pal Erin Burnett just now that he wants to "shoot" the next person who says "green shoots," with the .45 Glock he's got packing.** Our interest piqued, we wondered amongst ourselves if the tide was turning over at Englewood Cliffs? Had some sort of awakening gone down in which the hard and fast rule to hit a quota of "green shoot" segments (75/day) had been discarded, reality embraced? Hell no, my pets! Instead, the network just wants you to come up with an alternative name for the exercise. They're still going to do jazz hands and spirit fingers every hour on the hour, they're not going to label it as such. Do them a solid and give it your best shot now.
Update: You can now vote on what you want that which shall not be named referred to henceforth over at CNBC. Choose from:
* Bamboo Roots
* Fertilizer
*Hope Buds
* Breaks in the Clouds
* Line Drives
* Veronicas
* Auroral Arcs
* Lighter Shades of Gray
* Groundhogs
* Meadow Muffins
**Or 1911, depending on the day.


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