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Ace Greenberg On John Paulson

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Earlier this morning on the Squawk, when the issue of PPIP came up: "The people who are going to make these bids are smart people...whether it's John Paulson or whoever*...there are some smart people...but you have to have someone on the other side willing to take the hit...[Kernan interjects: and then John Paulson will write it back up]...Well, he's good...[Greenberg sees an opening to riff]...he's one of the dumb guys that used to work for us, we fired, kidding, that's not true."
Big G also shared that he started going by "Ace" to score chicks. Missionaccomplished.
*We're pretty sure Paulson will not be dipping his wick in the PPIP but Greenberg is a senior citizen so we won't correct him in public.