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AIG Hush-Hush About Intimate Details Of Project Kick Ass, Take Names

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As previously discussed, when AIG filed its 10Q last week, the firm noted that it wasn't over-leveraging or stupidity that had adversely affected its business, but mean words. So it would stand to reason that the insurer would believe the key to getting back in it to win it would be as simple as some inspirational subject lines such as "Seize The Future, Motherfuckers." We mentioned it this morning in Opening Bell but this thing, from vice-chairman Paula Reynolds, needs some closer attention. Seriously, let it sink in.

She wishes! Oh, you don't know how badly she wishes. Anyway, while we we wait for the more intimate details of the plan, AIG told us this morning that Project Destiny is simply a working name and that senior executives are actively seeking something with "more get up and go." All we've got so far is Project Take No Prisoners and Project Burn This Mother Fucker Down. Surely you can do better-- though the latter would probably go pretty far if coupled with a daily pump-up viewing of this: