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AIG's Business Adversely Affected By Words


Something to keep in mind next time you want to tell the guy who sits next to you "I wouldn't fuck AIG with Charlie Gasparino's vagina," Mr. Frank. From the firm's 10Q, per Michelle Leder:

To date, this scrutiny and extensive commentary has adversely affected AIG by damaging AIG's business, reputation and brand among current and potential customers, agents and other distributors of AIG products and services, thereby reducing sales of AIG products and services, and resulting in an increase in AIG policyholder surrenders and non-renewals of AIG policies. This scrutiny and commentary has also undermined employee morale and AIG's ability to motivate and retain its employees. If this level of scrutiny and criticism continues or increases, AIG's business may be further adversely affected and its ability to retain and motivate employees further harmed.

Oh, and retired chairman Edmund S.W. Tse is still getting office space, administrative support, a car and driver, hotel accommodations, club memberships, and first class travel between Hong Kong and New York. No big!
AIG: Blame The Negative Publicity [footnoted .org]


Let’s Exchange Heated Words Over: Business School Rankings

US News has regaled us with its annual ranking of the top business schools. I know you need a safe space to get huffy about perceived slights (be it your MBA program being lower than you believe is accurate or by having to suffer the indignity of an inferior institution being too close on the list), so let it out here and now.