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Any Chance You'll Accept Payment In Toxic Paper?

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Credit Suisse Group AG Chief Executive Officer Brady Dougan must pay a year's worth of interest on a late $7.5 million payment he made to his ex-wife under their 2005 divorce agreement, a Connecticut appeals court ruled.
Dougan, 49, and Tomoko Hamada Dougan, 52, were divorced on June 17, 2005, under an agreement requiring him to pay $7.83 million within 30 days and another $7.5 million by June 16, 2006, according to an opinion released by the appellate panel yesterday in Hartford. Dougan made the second payment 12 days late, triggering a 10 percent interest payment provision.
Dougan "had use of $7.5 million for one year," according to the majority opinion by Judge C. Ian McLachlan. The bank CEO "could have made that payment at the time of the judgment. Instead, the plaintiff, an investment banker,* had the use of the money with the knowledge that he would lose the benefit of no interest for that year if he failed to pay the defendant on time."

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*Was this intended as a passive aggressive way of saying "he's not stupid, he knows how this money shit works"? If so we likely.


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