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Anyone In The Market For 27,000 Square Feet Of Office Space?

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Because it's unlikely Pequot's going to need the room they took over at 187 Danbury Road just last month. Art Samberg and Co. had previously been bunking in a building shared with Bridgewater, but Ray Dalio needed the space to expand and apparently "made Art an offer he couldn't refuse" (never took Dalio for the murderous type but sure, we'll buy it) and off Art went. Sad news for the landlord in Wilton, who "did a ton of build-out" in preparation for the Pequot people but possibly happy news for those of you interested in taking over the four year lease? (Of course, the wind down of the funds will take some time, but we're assuming Art and the Sambergettes don't need more than a few thousand feet and the space for a crying room.) The digs are apparently "quite plush" and include "lots of fancy-schmancy artwork" and sweet furniture, though those items will likely not come with, but rather be sold to the highest bidders (we're told John Mack has already called shotgun on the chaise lounge).


Area Landlord Will Ask Tougher Questions The Next Time He Rents Office Space

Such as, "Will you use this space to host sex parties?"