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Anyone In The Market For A 200,000 Square Foot Bachelor Pad?

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Today's your lucky day! 'Cause as of last night, the guy who was supposed to buy the building currently inhabited by RBS Greenwich Capital (though they're moving people to the new place in Stamford like now) on Steamboat Road hadn't done anything about finalizing the purchase. Supposedly he may walk away from the $20 million deposit and then this baby can be yours. Apparently she's a fixer-upper (GC tenants say the place is "quite grubby after 14 years of packin 'em in," with bathrooms "reminiscent of the Port Authority") but there's 350 feet of dock space and a big ass parking lot for all the entertaining you'll be doing in the new pad. Interested buyers (and we can think of one very worthy one in particular) should contact General Re, or just go through us and we'll quote you a finder's fee.