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Are Hedge Fund Wives Slumming It In J.Crew, No Longer Getting Turned On By Shopping?

Supposedly, according to the author of yet another new book* on the various ways in the wives of men who once had money are being forced to demean themselves, through no fault of their own but due to unprecedented upheaval of the capital markets. In-depth research by Tatiana Boncampagni, whose tome Hedge Fund Wives is out tomorrow, has revealed that many wives of "have become sudden acolytes of internet shopping and J Crew; and black blazers, white blouses, and two-toned ballet flats are proliferating." Mrs. Heather Mnuchin (husband is Dune Capital chairman Steve) isn't wearing flashy jewelry out in public. Clo Cohen is no longer getting off on spending meal ticket Charles's money ("The economy is on everybody's minds - all my girlfriends say that shopping just doesn't even appeal to them right now," says Cohen). Since their sponsors are likely going to be putting even longer hours at the office now than at the height of the most magnificent credit and liquidity bubble in the entirety of our financial civilization, if you see one of these women on the street (or on the subway, since, sickeningly, that's happening), stop and offer a helping hand. They're gonna need it.
*Is there anything more annoying that the pop-cultureification of hedge funds, and to that end, the new literary genre that is Hedge Fund wives, who aren't even really the wives of hedge fund managers, or at least the ones we want to hear from? (Come and knock on our door, Alex, Anne, Mrs. ESL. We're very good listeners.)


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