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Bald, Beard, and Boone's To Testify On "Pressured" Merrill Deal Next Month

That is, if the latter isn't taken out before then. And by "taken out" we do not mean in the "fired by the government" sense but in the "Charlie Gasparino" sense. To recap, Ken Lewis, possibly under the influence of the Boone's (travel size, for her discretion), told Andrew Cuomo that he was pressured by Bernanke and Paulson to keep his trap shut on the whole metric asston of losses situation he was going to get his shareholders in by acquiring Merrill Lynch. Then Paulson said that yeah, sure, he threatened Lewis, but it was because Bernanke told him to. Then Bald came out and claimed that when he put the heat on Lewis, tire iron in hand, it was all his idea and that the soft-spoken college professor had nothing to do with it (believable), a story which GandalFed later corroborated on the Hill. Finally, at Bank of America's annual shareholder meeting two weeks back, an again sauced up Lewis told a shareholder, inquiring about what kind of perceived pressure was put on him to zip the lip on Merrill losses, that the bank's decision to keep investors in the dark was "independent of any government threat," adding, "you have your facts wrong." So, okay! In Lewis's defense, he probably didn't realize people were going to go back and look at what he'd said on the record, or that there were any reporters at the meeting.

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