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Calling All Johnnie Cochrans: The SEC Needs Your Help

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So, you know the SEC? That regulatory body at the height of its game, which uncovers and cracks down on scams by reading about them in the Journal or other business publications, and then either responds or ignores them? You probably thought there was no room for improvement and, for the most part, you're right. There's just one tiny area the regulator could use some help, and then it's not even going to be funny. You will hear the acronym SEC and spontaneously soil yourself in fear. It will be on.

[I] propose allocating additional resources to the following categories:
Trial lawyers: It is important that the Commission maximize the capacity and ability of its trial unit. Simply stated, we must convey to all defendants in SEC actions that not only do we assemble winning cases against them, but also we are prepared to go to trial and we will win. Only then can we expect to secure the type of settlements that both achieve justice for investors and save resources to be used in pursuing the next case. Without that credible threat, we are at a severe disadvantage. Our trial unit does an admirable job, but given the increased caseload, particularly the great increase in the number of emergency actions such as temporary restraining orders and asset freezes, it needs to grow.

In lieu of any interest from the Cochrans of the world, MareSchap is reportedly willing to settle for some Bob Loblaws.
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Testimony Concerning Strengthening the SEC's Vital Enforcement Responsibilities