Car Czar Getting Flack For Beach Shack

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Nevermind the fact that he plans to host movie nights in a massive screening room that plays "Chooch" on loop. Steve Rattner's neighbors on Martha's Vineyard are apparently majorly ticked that he's constructing a 15, 500 square foot pad in Lambert's Cove. Page Six claims that residents find the $15 million project to be "gaudy" and "far too big," and some people supposedly take issue with the fact that the home is "close to a sacred Native American burial ground protected by a permanent preservation restriction." Anyway, unless they make nice ASAP, it sounds like the neighbs have gotten themselves uninvited to the popcorn and a flick parties, which is just as well, as we hear Rattner needed to find space for all the Chrysler dealers he was planning on having over, and was going to have to make some tickets standing room only, which wouldn't have been very hospitable.