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Certain Bank Of America Shareholders Fully Supportive Of Government's Request To Send Board Home In (One Giant) Body Bag

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Specifically we're referring to CtW Investment Group, which should come as no surprise to those of you who've followed the group's efforts to throw certain members of the Bank of Amerillwide team out on their asses. CtW spokesperson Michael Garland told the Deal, "Given the taxpayer dollars now at risk at BofA, it's appropriate and necessary that the government also weigh in. It certainly intensifies the pressure on the board to move aggressively to both reconstitute itself and accelerate CEO succession."
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Drug Tester Gives Hedge Fund Run For Its Money Re: Talk Of Putting Employees In Body Bags

May 2010, Structured Portfolio Management founder Don Brownstein is said to "walk around [a] crowded conference room table while slapping the palm of his hand with a baseball bat, stopping behind [a trader] while stating, 'I'll kill you if you leave. The only way you can leave this firm is in a body bag.'" January 2012, Millenium Laboratories really cranks things up a notch re: suggestion of what fate will befall people who attempt to leave their company: