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Correction: You Will Not Be Sleeping Where Dick Fuld Hath Slept

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Not unless you start showing a little cleave, that is. Just days after "marketing" their 640 Park Avenue co-op for $32 million ($11 mill more than they paid for it two and half years ago), Dick and Kathy Fuld have decided to keep the 6,200 square foot pad for themselves. Will they be turning the apartment, which includes 5 five fireplaces and a 25 foot long dining room, into a halfway house for down on their luck CEOs? We'll just have to wait and see. For those of you truly broken up at this turn of events, please note that while place is not for sale, you could probably get in the backdoor by applying for a position with the household staff, which, as indicated in the floor plan above, comes with room and board.
In related news, Joe Gregory has slashed the price of his 9,500 square foot Bridgehampton home by 14% to $27.9 million. It comes with 8 bedrooms, a pool, 200 feet of "ocean frontage," and many, many memories. Act now.

Lehman Ex-President's Cut
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