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Debts Are So 2008

The exchange, conducted via SMS, will look familiar to anyone with a passing familiarity with the social pollution left behind by the MySpace generation:

All you do is lie. It isn't registered to you so call again. I wish you died when you fell off the roof. If ur not married good. He can do soooo much better.
LOL. I'm sure he is really good. You will need him because az allows us to call the car in stolen. Please send him this, you are fucked!
No you didn't or you would be so stupid. Do you actually think you get a free car? Are you that fucking retarded. You are just a loser. Don't text me.

Broken relationship? Family favor gone bad? Psychotic girlfriend? Psychotic boyfriend? No. Debt collector.

...the relentless text message campaign of shame began. On the other side of the phone was someone identifying himself as AFN President Michael Fischer, who started, innocently enough, by (allegedly) imploring Dicks to "Call me." Gradually he became more desperate. Here are some (alleged) highlights from the dozens of texts quoted in the complaint, which accuses AFN of a litany of charges including consumer fraud, invasion of privacy and defamation....

The United States is presently slipping into a deep bi-polar state when it comes to debt, debtors and debt collectors. This is unsurprising. From the President right on down to the delinquent home-owner, the trend is that creditors are increasingly treated like evil villains, debtors like victims and securities laws, bankruptcy priorities and regulations that would tend to establish means for creditors to actually recovered sums owed them as inconvenient and out-of-date anachronisms not compatible with the new, progressive society currently being constructed. Senior creditors are greedy obstructionists for not simply forgiving Chrysler so it can fulfill its destiny: pour billions of taxpayer dollars into the Detroit tar pits and employ union workers indefinitely.
The process seems to work like this:
Borrow from the government or you aren't patriotic.
You government borrowers, you are scum. As long as you have our money we own you.
Pay it back? Forget it. That's treason.
In the confusion, is it any wonder that the likes of AFN represent the vanguard of the creditor backlash? AFN seems to have missed the nuance though. We can only demonize debtors when they have borrowed government cash. And then, only after they have borrowed it.
Unfortunately, when you create a system that prevents all civil means of recovery, you end up with criminals for debt collectors. This means that lunatics like those that seem to be working over at AFN are going to fan the flames. No doubt a wave of counter-counterrevolutionary consumer protection laws will fly through Congress. No doubt this will spike interest rates, that is, until counter-counter-counter-counterrevolutionary measures are taken and interest rate caps are instituted.
America! Fuck yeah!
The "Fatal Attraction" Method Of Debt Collection [TPM]