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Dick Cheney Didn't Anticipate Government Interference He Started Going This Far, Mostly Because He (Et Al) Didn't Really Think This Thing Through

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Oops! But what can you do. Not my problem is what I always say. For some reason, Dick Cheney sat down with CNBC's Larry Kudlow earlier for a good bitch sesh.* Hopefully we'll get the full interview soon, but so far we just have a tease from The Call. According to Kudlow, he led the witness with, "You started all this government interference, did you not?" To which the former VP conceded, "Yes, we did." Kudlow, really nailing the guy to the wall, pressed on. "Did you realize you were going to exert this kind of control and having the government end up owning GM?" The answer: "Yeah, we didn't really think that through."
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*Most likely as a prelude to holding each other in this time of need.