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Does Jamie Dimon Hate Effete Puppy Dogs?

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I'd kind of stand to reason, wouldn't it? Cause the one at left is dangerously close to having his weekly spa sessions cut off, if his owner, former Bear Stearns trader Gary Reback, doesn't get his god damn money. Reback claims JPM/Bear owes him a $2 million bonus and $1.1 million in severance, for the job he did (and lost two months after the merger) trading complex collateralized mortgage obligations. According to JPM spokesman Brian Marchiony, the bank is "confident that Mr. Reback is not owed any money." And as for the naysayers who apparently don't care about keeping Reback in the lifestyle he's become accustomed to and has thus far maintained (think we'd miss that watch tan? Please. Someone's been hitting the links), because he was supposedly a factor in the sucker going down, Big G has this to say, via his lawyer:

"Gary had nothing to do with losses," Sack said. "He traded different products completely outside the subprime-mortgage mess. They offered him a severance and now they're reneging -- it's shocking, bad faith behavior."

In quasi-related news, it'd be nice if some CEO or hedge fund manger could man up and and pose with his gay dog sometime in the near future, at which time we can officially call this thing a trend. Thanks.