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Dreier Sheets

One of the great certainties of criminal and civil downfall watching is the joy of the forced asset sale. So as our favorite scruff-bearing impersonator of pension fund officials, Marc Dreier, descends into the oblivion of the criminal justice system, we can enjoy the vindictive pleasure of vicarious civil forfeiture. Excellent!

Three of disgraced attorney Marc Dreier's Hamptons homes are being rushed to market in hopes of attracting a buyer looking for an "ideal vacation property."
A Manhattan federal judge yesterday approved plans for a bankruptcy trustee to sell two neighboring beachfront houses in East Quogue "as soon as possible, before the summer, in order to maximize the proceeds."

Forgive our skepticism, but wouldn't selling as slowly as possible, like in three years be more likely to "maximize the proceeds?"
Lawyer's $camptons Homes For Sale [The New York Post]