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Drop Bills To Watch Jim Cramer Go About His Day

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It's for charity, so we can't make too much fun, but we can make a little. The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights is holding its annual fund raiser and lots of celebrities have generously offered themselves for up for bidding on the auction block, sort of, though it kind of just sounds like you're forking over money for the privilege of tagging along as they do whatever it is they'd do on any other day.* Like Ben Affleck, who invites you to come watch him get drunk at Fenway, or Jim Cramer, who's offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to behold as he throws a chair. That's right, for an estimated $5,000 (so far only $1,600 has been bid), you and three friends can attend a taping of Mad Money (tickets to which are typically free). JC not the CNBC personality who tickles your fancy? For at least six g's you can accompany Charlie Gasparino as he chases down a story at San Pietro (pumping Jimmy Cayne for hot gossip in the men's room likely to be included!) and for a minimum bid of ten-large, you could be telling your friends about the time you served as Dennis Kneale's fluffer while he surfed for Asian porn between Power Lunch commercial breaks. Other actual items up for grabs include: a 20-minute phone conversation with Suze Orman (ask her to elaborate on this) and a tour of CNBC.
The Celebrity Auction of the Century [Cityfile]
*Which is nice, but if someone's donating a few large to charity, we want to see these people dance.