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Drugs And Money

You just knew something wasn't right with Sir Allen Stanford. Too loud. Too bold. Too self-promoting. Totally out of the mold for the quiet, offshore banking empire he was supposed to be heading. How would it be that anyone so loud would fail to attract the notice of the Regulatori for so many years? Well, if the Regulatori had reason to ignore him, as one of their own. If, say, Stanford were an informant for the DEA, and other narcodollar sniffing parties.

His status as a confidential informant could have secured Stanford a degree of protection from financial regulators such as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and may explain why a SEC investigation into his dealings in 2006 was quietly dropped following a request by another American government agency.
A source close to the DEA told Panorama: "We were convinced that Stanford's bank attracted millions of narco-dollars but it was very difficult to get the evidence to nail him. The word is that Stanford has been a confidential informer for the DEA since at least 1999."

Be as loud as you want Sir Allen.
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