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Eliot Spitzer Wants You To WAKE UP!

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To the fact that the trillions of dollars we've spent fixing this thing? Would've been better spent know. In addition to waffling on the matter of whether or not prostitution should be legal in an interview with Rachel Maddow last night, everyone's favorite noted hooker fucker waxed disappointed on the the measures taken by the government thus far, and how they're going to come back and pull an Ashley Dupré on us. Sayeth Spitz:

What is deeply problematic to me is...we have spent trillions of dollars and not nearly enough is changing. We are rebuilding the same edifice...we are reestablishing the primacy of the same companies, we are still building in a too-big-to-fail structure so that we as taxpayers will be guarantors of companies that when they get into trouble again, we will bail them out. None of this is being confronted by the administration as they, and we through our tax dollars, resuscitate a broken system.

Ness said he'd also appreicate it if someone would question Tim Geithner about why he's in bed with Lloyd Blankfein, a matter Spitz will be taking on in an upcoming column for Slate.

When AIG was first bailed out, of the first tranche of 70 plus billion dollars, 12.9 billion went straight through to Goldman Sachs. Why? Why didn't Tim Geithner asked Goldman Sachs, are you as the counterparty on these CDS, these swaps, do you need this money? What will happen if you don't get it? Why did they get 100 cents on the dollar?


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