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Geithner Insists, No, Stress Tests Do Not Suck

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I was talking to a lobbyist for Burger King the other day who assured me this entire fast food thing was overblown paranoia, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the environment, and I should consider nonsense like "Super Size Me" slanderous prattle. He then jumped into his Lincoln Navigator (the springs of which creaked loudly while straining to support his imperial asstonage) and proceeded to run over a family of chipmunks while screeching out of the parking lot in front of a blue-white cloud of exhaust. Oh, and The Safecracker had this to say:

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner Wednesday updated lawmakers on the Obama administration's efforts to rescue financial markets, saying that recently-conducted stress tests have gone a long way to boost confidence in the financial system.
In prepared testimony to the Senate Banking Committee, he said the 19 large, stress-tested banks have raised more than $56 billion in funds to date, including $34 billion common equity capital. (Read the full remarks.)
"Of the $56 billion, about $48 billion has been planned or executed by banks" that government regulators found to have a capital shortfall, Mr. Geithner told the Senate panel, adding that banks without a shortfall have already started signaling their plans to repay government aid.

Geithner Says Stress Tests Helpful [The Wall Street Journal]