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GS, JPM May Soon Be Free Of TARP Tentacles

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Charlie Gasparino reports that he's hearing Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan will likely be the first banks allowed to repay TARP money, with permission (which they tentatively have from the Treasury but not the Fed) possibly coming as early as next week. Chaz added that if it turns out that Goldman is allowed to give the money back (and extract itself from the freaky-ass rules that come with it), and JPMorgan isn't, "Jamie Dimon will be going to Washington with a bazooka. I guarantee it." While we would all love nothing more than for the House of Dimon to get its way, I think we can all agree that the bazooka scenario would be something to see, especially if consigliere CG comes with, and threatens to bust knee-caps.
Update: The above comment about Dimon packing heat was from Chaz-boy's CNBC report. Just to make sure we get the pain that will be brought on the government, should they choose to fuck with JD, CG reiterates the point in his latest column:

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has made no secret of his desire to replay the TARP money, and according to people close to JP Morgan, he's likely "to go batshit if Goldman is able to repay before he does."


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