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Help Us To Understand, George Soros

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We've got a special place in our hearts for George Soros, a roped-off VIP section, if you will, where we keep all of our favorite Budapest-born hedge fund managers. So we tend to give him the benefit of the doubt on most official business matters, but this we just don't get. Jorge was recently spotted on a New York-bound Acela, which fits in nicely with the rich-guys-who-don't-really-need-to-but-are-taking-the-train-anyway trend. Except for the fact that G.So, traveling solo, bought four first-class seats, and wouldn't let anyone enter the Soros Zone, prompting some to wonder, why not just take a plane? Surely there's a reasonable explanation, though one escapes us at the moment. Would he have taken a jet but, for whatever reason, wanted to avoid security (always a point in Amtrak's favor), and need to stretch his shit out? Is this part of a monthly game he plays with himself wherein he buys a bunch of seats and rides up and down the Northeast Corridor offering them to ladies getting on at various stops along the way (assuming there'd be some tasty treats between Philly and NYC)? We're thinking it's most likely the latter, but feel free to offer alternative theories.