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I Said Nothing Is Boaed, Dude.

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We find ourselves wishing there was a word in English for that feeling you get when you read an article confirming the details of a bit of news- probably bad- you were already expecting. It's that sort of sinking "Uh... wow." that represents the sudden realization that, though you were prepared for the news, it is now more "real." What is that word? As you know from our "Bank of America needs $34 billion" announcement yesterday, there is now at least a temporary answer: "Boaed."
Henceforth-- Boaed ("bow-uh'd"): The forced realization of the shocking magnitude of an event or occurrence that, while expected or already making rounds on the rumor circuit, only reaches the pinnacle of its emotional impact once reported through mainstream channels or experienced first-hand.
The real question, however, is how will the market receive this "news." Given that there is no better place to find the answers to these questions than our comment section, we leave it to you. BAC closed at $10.84. Where does this take us, dear readers? Where will BAC open? More importantly, where will BAC close? $15.00? $1.50?
9:45 am Update: BAC: $11.58 +$0.74 +6.83%